Community Centre


5402 – 50 Avenue W       780-582-3668

Forestburg has a great Community Centre with a seating capacity of 460 and a full commercial kitchen.  The facility is operated and maintained by the Forestburg Community Hall Association.  The facility is available for rent for dances, farewells and other social functions.  Kitchen rentals are available and includes all conveniences including coolers, pots, trays, dishes and cutlery.  Bar rental is also available.  The building also offers a downstairs meeting space.

To book the use of the Community Centre please contact the Village Office at 780-582-3668.

If you would be interested in serving on the Forestburg Community Centre Association please contact Jeff Northey at 780-582-3925 or by email at

Community Hall Information

  1. Seating capacity – 300 with tables and fixed seating
  2. Approx. 400 chairs for upper hall = maximum capacity
  3. 250 = sit down
  4. 52 tables at the hall – tables are 30” x 72”
  5. Banquet area – 5440 square feet

Rental Information

  • $150 damage deposit required for functions with liquor permit
  • Lower hall only $ 80
    • Hall basement will seat 80 people with rows of chairs or 65 people sitting around tables
  • Main hall only $ 350
  • Main hall and kitchen $ 450
  • Main hall and kitchen with use of cooking equipment $ 550
  • Extra preparation day in kitchen (Friday prep work) $ 100
  • Wedding package Friday noon until Sunday 2pm $ 650
  • Wedding Package (as above) with extra kitchen prep day (Friday) $ 750
  • Funeral cost are $150  - $50 for chair set up

If Forestburg Community Caterers are used, there is no extra charge for cooking equipment or Friday Prep work. 

Community Center Contract

Community Caterers

The Community Caterers are a group of volunteers who work together on banquets and other food-related needs in the Community Centre.  As well as providing convenient service for renters needing a catered meal, all profits made are used in and for the operation of the Community Centre.  Volunteers can assist with food preparation, table setting, setup, kitchen assistance during the meal and cleanup.  Coordinators call volunteers approximately one week in advance to see if they can help for a particular event.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Community Caterers or are in need of caterers please contact Cindie at 780-582-3942.

Community Caterers Menu Options

Community Center Fundraiser Concert:  July 25 @ 7 pm.
As you can see from the graphs, regular rental, grants, and donations barely cover the costs of operating the Community Hall. Not shown in the graphs is the  income from casino fundraisers. This gives an influx approximately every three years, and helps balance the ‘off years’. Regular income is not used for special projects. Those are separate fundraising projects through building grants and other avenues. The  purchases such as lighting, sound system, etc., are  handled through project specific donations, where  individuals or organizations donate for the specific purpose of purchasing big ticket items.
This is your opportunity to come out and support our  wonderful facility while enjoying and evening of fun and entertainment featuring  Doug and Friends, Quartet  O’Eight.  Jody Pettigrew, and   Randy Howell. Admission—$20.00. 
All proceeds go to the Forestburg Community Center   Association.
Check local businesses to participate in our  50/50 draws.
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