Forestburg Golden Age Drop in Centre:
Open 9:30 am until 4:30pm Monday through Saturday.
Thanks to all who supported the concert with Randy and the Flagstaff Food Bank.
Weekly Happenings:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10am-noon  Unscheduled
Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 9:30am - 11 am exercising
Monday afternoon 1:30pm Floor Curling practices so why not come out and learn about this sport.
Tuesday afternoon 1pm Bridge (come and join us)
Wednesday afternoon 1:30 floor curling (2 games)
Every afternoon open for card playing, coffee and visiting
Next Golden Age Club meeting Thursday afternoon October 13 at 3 pm and every 2nd Thursday in November. 

The Forestburg Art club meets at the drop in Center. Paint parties are planned for the new season. Events will be advertised. A nominal registration fee charged (all supplies included). Interested in becoming a member of the art club?? contact Carol at 780-582-3820.


welcome to the Village of Forestburg