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Friends of the Battle River Railway
November 23 and 24th due to popular demand, we are teaming up again with the Flagstaff Players to feature a Murder on the Battle River Express. 
December 14th our Santa Daze Train travels to the Village of Alliance to capture the magic and spirit of Christmas.
For tickets go to www.eventbrite.ca or phone 780-384-4150


Friends of the Battle River Rail:

With headquarters in Forestburg, Alberta, the Battle River Railway is a fully functioning short rail line with a super fun twist.  Exchanging the usual boxcars for a beautiful vintage passenger car, The Friends of the Battle River Railway are delighted  to offer a number of theme based, day excursions throughout the year.  Each unique theme is carefully tailored to provide fun filled and a memorable experience for those with a hankering to ride the rails.

All Aboard!  https://friendsofbrr.com/

Join the Friends of the Battle River Railway for a variety of train runs. For tickets call 780-384-4150 or visit www. Eventbrite.ca





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